About Us

  With the aim to strengthen the organizations and effective managements on Ministry of Industry No. (1) and Ministry of Industry No. (2), Ministry of Industry was newly reorganized with the combination of those Ministries since 2nd December 2011.

    The former MOI-1 produces consumer products such as pharmaceuticals & foodstuffs, textiles, ceramics, paper & chemical products, home utilities and construction materials while MOI-2 especially produces heavy industrial products such as assorted types of vehicles, earth-moving equipment, diesel engines, automotive parts, turbines & generators, CNC machines, transformers, solar-used products, agricultural machineries, rubber & tyres etc.

   Ministry of Industry organized with two Directorates and four Enterprises  as follows:

  •    Union Ministerial Office
  •    Directorate of Industrial Collaboration( DIC)
  •    Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection( DISI )
  •    No. (1) Heavy Industries Enterprise ( HIE-1 )
  •    No. (2) Heavy Industries Enterprise ( HIE-2 )
  •    No. (3) Heavy Industries Enterprise ( HIE-3)
  •    Myanma Pharmaceutical Industries ( MPI )