Industrial Training Centers


To produce the excellent skilled workers as the driving power of national industrial development and to place them in appropriate fields of career interest.
To adjust unbalance of demand and supply of qualified knowledge workers.

Further adoption of competitive workforce, with workers learning for life, and advancing with skills throughout the nation.

Objectives of HRD program

Creation of technical-trained manpower around the nation.
Creation of job opportunities for youth to take up industrial employment.
Arrangement of technical-trained workers to take the test from  National Skilled Standard Authority (NSSA).
Adoption of productivity and quality control techniques at factories.
Intensification of research & development activities for the  establishment of competent design and to improve innovative approach for future products.

Sr. No Industrial Training Centers Established Year Trainees/ Year Assistance
1 No (1) Industrial Training Center (Sinde) 1979 200 Germany
2 No (2) Industrial Training Center (Mandalay) 2008 180 China
3 No (3) Industrial Training Center (ThaGaYa) 2009 150 Korea
4 No (4) Industrial Training Center (Pakokku) 2010 216 India
5 No (5) Industrial Training Center (Magway) 2011 150 Korea
6 No (6) Industrial Training Center (MyinGyan) 2013 192 India

Training Program
One year training program in order to supply more skilled workers to meet   the need of industrial development of the nation.

General Eligibility Requirements for Admission

Who finished the High School Level ( Grade 11 )
Between 17 and 25 years old