Myanma Pharmaceutical Industries

Background History

Myanmar Pharmaceutical Industries and Myanmar Foodstuff Industries were combined as the Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industries (PFI) on 1st August 2010.


(1) No (1) Pharmaceutical Factory (Yangon)

Tablets/Capsules 65 Items
Liquid 24 Items
Ointment 14 Items
Powder 2 Items
Injection/Infusion 66 Items
Vaccine 10 Items
Spirit and related products  5 Items
Traditional medicines 14 Items
Recombinant Hepatitis ‘B’ Vaccine 1 Item

(2) No (2) Pharmaceutical Factory (Inyaung)

Injection/Infusion 22 Items
Powder 2 Items
Syringe 3 Items

(3) No (2) Plastic Factory (Kyauk Se)

P.P/ Kraft Paper Laminated Cement Bags.
Plastic Woven Bags

(4) Horses and Sheep Breeding Farm (Yanpe)

Horses and Sheep

Head office and state - owned factories

       (1) Head office of the Pharmaceutical and Foodstuff Industries
       (2) No (1) Pharmaceutical Factory (Yangon)
             - Hepatitis ' B ' Vaccine Factory (Ywa Tha Gyi Branch)
       (3) No (2) Pharmaceutical Factory (Inyaung)
       (4) No (2) Plastic Factory (Kyauk Se)
       (5) Horse and Sheep Breeding Form (Yanpe)

Leased Factories

             (1) Dagon Soft Drink and Ice Factory

             (2) Diamond Soft Drink and Ice Factory

             (3) Magwe Soft Drink and Ice Factory (Magwe Branch)

             (4) Zayawaddi Sugar Mill

             (5) Belin Sugar Mill

             (6) Daikoo Tapioca Starch Factory

             (7) Soap Factory (Mandalay)

             (8) Soap Factory (Magwe Branch)

             (9) Soap Factory (Yamathin )

             (10) Teint Seint Oil Factory (Seip Phyu)

             (11) No(1) Plastic Factory (Yangon)
                   - Plastic Sub Factory (Mayangone)
                   - Plastic Sub Factory (Mawbe)

             (12) Integrated Corn Products Factory (Yanpe)

             (13) Purified Drinking Water Factory (Kyaukse)

             (14) Mawlamine No (4) Alcohol Factory

             (15) Kawthaung Palm Oil Factory (Kawthaung)

             (16) Samse Plantation

Joint Venture

             (1) Industrial Alcohol Distillery (Bilin)

             (2) No (3) Pharmaceutical Factory (Sagaing)