Work Programme

1. Implementing the following industries step by step/simultaneously-
     (a)    Small and Medium Enterprises 
     (b)    Import substitution & Export Oriented Industries
     (c)    Labor Intensive Industries
     (d)    Technology and Knowledge-based Industries
     (e)    Capital Intensive Industries (e.g. Heavy Industries)
2. Establishment of SMEs supporting centers and provision of technical assistances for their development
3. Establishment of SMEs financing departments and SMEs banks to provide financial assistances
4. Establishing One-Stop Services to provide more assistance for SMEs
5. Strengthening the cooperation between Government and private sector for industrial sector development
6. Managing the industries to be effective and innovative by lifting up some barriers
7. Implementing and supervising the tasks according to laid down procedures and, rules and regulations
8. Strengthening the cluster development
9. Providing the assistance to local industries for linking with the international network
10. Training and building capacity of the industrial skillful workers to be internationally accepted skilled ones
11. Encouraging the production of new commodities based on natural resources as well as value-added products
12. Promoting the existing Industrial Zones, establishing new industrial zones along the border areas and development of Special Economic Zones
13. Setting up energy efficiency framework and implementing the measures to meet the targeted objectives